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Hydraulic fluid

Basic Identifiers

ID Type BO
12497 Hydraulic oil mineral


Specific oils for the hydraulic systems of farm machines of all types and power rating. CHARACTERISTICS

Hydraulic oils specifically formulated for the complete protection of farm machines operating in the toughest conditions. The basic features of AKROS IDRAULIC are:

Total protection against wear for longer life of the hydraulic circuit. Excellent anti-foam properties to improve lubrication and heat dispersion. Excellent antioxidant properties for longer life of the lubricant. High and

Since they exceed the Quality Specifications of the Major European Manufacturers, AKROS hydraulic oils can be used for all types of tractors with hydraulic system with separate/independent reservoir and farm machines of all types, brand and power rating. ADVICE ON USE

DRAIN INTERVAL: According to the Manufacturer's instructions. Technical Data

ISO VG 32, DIN 51525, DIN 51524, DENISON HF-0/HF-1/HF-2, SDFG OI-1432


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PDS IDRAULIC 32_ENG.pdf English 58 KB
PDS IDRAULIC 32_tds_ENG.pdf English 23 KB
MSDS IDRAULIC 32_msds_ENG.pdf English 136 KB
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