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Amsoil Synthetic Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oil - ISO 32

Hydraulic fluid

Basic Identifiers

10193 Hydraulic oil synthetic 32 HLP


Protects hard-working hydraulic systems from the stress of high-pressure, high-load and heavy-duty operations. Remains fluid in cold temperatures for immediate cold-weather flow. Special anti-wear additives and rust inhibitors provide optimum protection to expensive equipment.

AMSOIL Synthetic AW Series Antiwear Hydraulic Oils are shear-stable, long-life lubricants based on high-quality synthetic oil technology. These oils are formulated with a premium additive system that inhibits oxidation to help prevent acid formation and viscosity increase and inhibit rust and foam (providing smooth hydraulic operation). AW Oils contain a very effective zinc-based anti-wear/antioxidant additive which controls wear in high-speed, high-pressure vane and gear pumps while meeting the lubrication requirements of axial piston pumps with bronze-on-steel metallurgy. AW Oils meet the requirements for Maximum Efficiency Hydraulic Fluid (mehf) and can lower costs and/or increase productivity in mobile equipment by 6 to 15 percent. Improved pump efficiency can increase hydraulic power, reduce fuel consumption and improve productivity. AW Oils are designed for long life and typically reduce maintenance costs by extending drain intervals and reducing labor costs, repairs and downtime.


Criteria Value
cincinatti_machine P68,P69,P70
US Steel 125,136
GM LH-04-1, LH-06-1,LH-15-1

Technical specifications

Specs Typical Values
Density 840.8
Flash Point (in C) 228
Pour Point (in C) -51
Viscosity at 100C 7.3
Viscosity at 40C 32
Viscosity Index 205
ASTM D341 Viscosity Chart
ASTM D341 Logarithmic scale

ASTM D341 Viscosity Calculator

You may calculate the viscosity of the oil at various temperatures based on ASTM D341. This uses the two sets of calibration data that we already have in order to calculate the viscosity at any temperature. You may input multiple temperatures at once, seperated by comma.


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