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Castrol Optigear BM 68

Castrol Optigear BM- solid-free gear oils for extremely high pressures containing a newly developed additive combination. Designed to reduce wear caused by surface fatigue, pitting, spalling, scuffing, scoring or irregularities during running-in period also where conventional EP gear oils or oils with solid lubricants fail.

Basic Identifiers

7648 Gear Oil mineral GL-5,GL-6 68


MICROFLUX TRANS� (TRANS=TRiple Action Non-sacrificial Surface engineering) improves friction surfaces to an extent not possible with normal machining processes and conventional EP lubricants. In a tribological system the polarized MICROFLUX TRANS additives instantaneously create a passive film on friction surfaces before friction occurs. At a given load level, the MICROFLUX TRANS additives creates resistant protective layer on friction surfaces. Under severe load, components of the MICROFLUX TRANS additive combination are activated and diffuse into the surfaces initiating an improvement of their friction characteristics through plastic deformation. The organic reaction products become a component of the tribopolymer system. Unlike the case with conventional lubricants, the tribopolymers formed by MICROFLUX TRANS are long-chained compounds with excellent lubricity and adhesion. The load carrying area is improved, a hydrodynamic lubrication film is easier to maintain. This unique physio-chemical reaction is CASTROL surface engineering and achieves a non-sacrificial micro-smoothing of the friction surfaces. The MICROFLUX TRANS additive technology provides optimum wear protection and an extremely low coefficient of friction even under extremes of pressure, vibration, shock loads, at high or low speeds or varying operational conditions.

Technical specifications

Specs Typical Values
Colour brown
Density 880
Flash Point (in C) 219
Pour Point (in C) -24
Viscosity at 100C 9.4
Viscosity at 40C 71.3
Viscosity Index 109
FZG fail stage 12
ASTM D341 Viscosity Chart
ASTM D341 Logarithmic scale

ASTM D341 Viscosity Calculator

You may calculate the viscosity of the oil at various temperatures based on ASTM D341. This uses the two sets of calibration data that we already have in order to calculate the viscosity at any temperature. You may input multiple temperatures at once, seperated by comma.


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