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Mobil Mobilmet Gamma

Oil Based Cutting Fluid

Basic Identifiers

ID Type BO
5462 cutting mineral


Mobilmet Alpha, Mobilmet Sigma, Mobilmet Gamma, and Mobilmet Omega are high performance mineral-oil-type active cutting oils incorporating synthesised additive technology. The balanced selection of additives in each Mobilmet cutting oil maximises performance over the wide range of pressures and temperatures encountered when machining difficult metals under difficult conditions. This chemically-synthesised, active additive combination also controls buildup on the tool tip, resulting in a better surface finish. These Mobilmet cutting oils contain the active anti-weld properties that are required for cutting difficult-to-machine metals. They are transparent on the work piece, allowing good visual inspection of machined parts. These oils, however, can discolour the surface of copper alloys. Mobilmet Alpha, Sigma, Gamma, and Omega are designed for a wide variety of metal cutting operations, severities and metallurgies. They are also formulated for ease of use and operator convenience. These attributes have resulted in these fluids becoming the products of choice for many machine shops.

Technical specifications

Specs Typical Values
Density 732.9
Viscosity at 100C 5.8
Viscosity at 40C 33.84
Viscosity Index 121
ASTM D341 Viscosity Chart
ASTM D341 Logarithmic scale

ASTM D341 Viscosity Calculator

You may calculate the viscosity of the oil at various temperatures based on ASTM D341. This uses the two sets of calibration data that we already have in order to calculate the viscosity at any temperature. You may input multiple temperatures at once, seperated by comma.


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