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Mobil Vacmul EDM 3

Multipurpose Electro Discharge Machining Fluids

Basic Identifiers

ID Type BO
5526 other synthetic


Vacmul EDM fluids are multipurpose dielectric fluids for use in all discharge machines working by penetration especially for roughing, finishing and superfinishing work. Vacmul EDM is very pure fluid designed for maximum machine productivity and operator comfort when used in electrical-discharge machining, also called spark-erosion machining. In this metalworking process metal is removed from a workpiece by applying a potential difference between the workpiece and a shaped electrode. Vacmul EDM has the ability to provide uniform insulation and then to permit controlled electrical discharge at the breakdown voltage. Vacmul EDM has the correct balance of viscosity, volatility, oxidation stability, heat transfer characteristics, low odour and low toxicity. Vacmul EDM is a highly refined, narrow-cut, low viscosity fluid specially suited to finishing operations where a high quality finish is required. It functions as an insulator between tool and workpiece, spark conductor, coolant and as a flushing oil for chip removal. Vacmul EDM is recommended for roughing operations where a high metal removal rate is required and for finishing and superfinishing work.

Technical specifications

Specs Typical Values
Density 799
Flash Point (in C) 108
Viscosity at 40C 2.37


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PDS Vacmul-EDM-2-3.pdf English 39 KB
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