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Petro-Canada PUREDRILL™ IA-35LV


Basic Identifiers

ID Type BO
8867 process mineral


Petro-Canada PureDrill™ onshore and offshore drilling mud base fluids are specifically designed to provide significant improvements in drilling efficiency and reduced bit wear. PureDrill™ minimizes the environmental impact on natural habitats and improves rig worker health and safety. PureDrill™ IA-35 is an ultra-pure synthetic isoalkane fluid developed for off-shore drilling operations, ideally suited for use where regulations require environmentally friendly products. PureDrill™ IA-35 is also readily biodegradable. PureDrill™ IA-35LV is an ultra-pure low-viscosity synthetic isoalkane fluid specifically developed for off-shore, ultra-deep, cold-water drilling operations. PureDrill™ IA-35LV is also readily biodegradable. PureDrill™ HT-30 is a low viscosity, severely hydrocracked, low toxicity mineral oil, specially formulated as a safer, more environmentally friendly option to diesel fuel for onshore drilling and offshore zero discharge drilling. PureDrill™ HT-40 and PUREDRILL™ HT-45 are specifically developed for onshore drilling and are also suitable for offshore zero-discharge drilling. They are severely hydrocracked low toxicity mineral oils which represent a much safer, low odour replacement for diesel fuel.

Technical specifications

Specs Typical Values
Density 800
Flash Point (in C) 94
Pour Point (in C) -54
Viscosity at 40C 2.6


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