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Sintoil SINTEC Heat transfer fluid THERMAGENT-65

Heat transfer fluid

Basic Identifiers

ID Type BO
12215 heat transfer mineral


High quality premium heat transfer fluid « Thermagent-65» and «Thermagent-30» designed for using in heating and air conditioning systems as well as process fluid in other heat-changers and cooling devices operating in the temperature range -65°С/ -30°С to +112°С.

Ingredients: high quality monoethylene glycol, demineralized water, organic (carboxylated) corrosion inhibitors of new generation, colorant.

Heat transfer fluids «Thermagent» have several advantages over other coolants available on the market: - New generation of heat transfer fluids - «Organic Acid technology» - Raw materials and components of leading chemical German companies. - Organic (carboxylated) corrosion inhibitors do not contain borax, nitrites, amines, phosphates and silicates.

Instructions: Heat transfer fluid «Thermagent-65» is designed for using as a low-freezing heat transfer fluid in closed heating systems, ventilation and air conditioning systems for residential and industrial buildings, for cooling systems of production equipment, chillers, refrigeration units etc., operating under severe climate conditions, where steel, cast iron, aluminum alloys, copper and its alloys are used as structural materials. It can work with any types of heating boilers: gas, diesel ,electric, however is not suitable for the electrolysis boilers (such as "Galan"), in which the heating occurs by passing an electric current through the coolant. The base of heat transfer fluid is high quality refined ethylene glycol in which special additives having anti-corrosion, anti-foam and anti-bacterial properties are added. Chilling point of heat transfer fluid «THERMAGENT-65» is -65°С.

When diluting «THERMAGENT-65» with distilled or prepared water: - in a ratio of 60% of coolant and 40% of water: obtained heat transfer fluid with chilling point -25°С and solidifying at -30°С; - in a ratio of 65% of coolant and 35% of water: obtained heat transfer fluid with chilling point -30°С and not solidifying at further deceasing temperature down to -37°С; - in a ratio of 77% of coolant and 23% of water: obtained heat transfer fluid with chilling point -40°С and not solidifying at further deceasing temperature down to -47°С; We should admit that the undiluted heat transfer fluid is worse than water on its thermal physical properties. Diluting of heat transfer fluid for more than 50 % will lead to deterioration of its anticorrosive properties, and also to possible deposit of sediment of hardness salts dissolved in water in addition to freezing temperature increase. For heat transfer fluid dilution it is desirable to use water with hardness of 6 points. Usage of water with high salt content can also cause the deposit of sediment. If you don’t know the hardness of your water it is recommended preliminarily to mix a small amount of antifreeze with water in a required ratio in a clear container and verify the absence of the sediment (and keep the above mixture for 2 days). Before pouring the liquid into the heating system we recommend to test the system on the water, make a pressure text of the system to ensure the absence of leaks as well as the absence of impurities. As the test showed gasket seals made of rubber, paronite, teflon and also seal arrangement of linen, sealants sustain the contact with heat transfer fluid very well. It should be noted that heat transfer fluid has a lower surface tension coefficient than water so it penetrates into small and cracks easier. In addition, the swelling of rubber in the coolant is less than in water, so in the systems having been working on the water for a long time, the replacement of the water by coolant can lead to leaks related to the fact that the rubber gasket seals take the initial form. We recommend to monitor the conditions of system connections during the first days after filling of the heat transfer fluid and tighten them up or remove gaskets when necessary. The best protection from leaks is good gasket seals and high-quality assembly system. In the heating system elements that contain zinc, in particular, galvanized elements inside the tube can not be used. At temperatures above +70 ° C, the zinc coating will delaminate and gravitate on the heating elements of the boiler, and if the coolant is filled into the system, the zinc will weaken its anti-corrosion properties. Heat transfer fluid is designed exclusively for technical use, so do not let it transfer into foods and drinking water in order to avoid poisoning! In case of accidental contact with your hands or your clothing, it is easily washed off with water, leaving no irritation or burns. In operation temperature range (from +20°C to +90°C) heat transfer fluid has viscosity which exceeds viscosity of water in 2-3 times, and also its thermal capacity is lower than of water in 10-15%. It should be taken into account when calculating the power of circulating pump and other characteristics of the system. Due to the high viscosity of the heat transfer fluid we do not recommend to switch on the heating boiler in the full production at once in the system which has cooled to subzero temperatures, but heat the system gradually.

Attention! Lifetime of heat transfer fluid depends on the mode of its operation. It is not recommended to bring heat transfer fluid to the state of boiling (boiling point at atmospheric pressure is +106 - +116 ° C, depending on the degree of dilution with water). In case of overheating of heat transfer fluid to temperatures more than +170 ° C, high-temperature deterioration of ethylene glycol, the formation of "soot" on the heating element, evolution of gaseous products of decomposition and destruction of anti-corrosion additives will occur. Therefore, heating boilers should be provided with adequate circulation of heat transfer fluid and heating elements in the process must be fully immersed in the coolant to prevent them from overheating and heat transfer fluid from "burning". Local overheating of heat transfer fluid can occur at the contact points of heat transfer fluid with heating elements. If in your system gas emission has begun related to burning of antifreeze, then it can be eliminated by increasing the pump power, or reducing the power of the heating elements or by reducing the concentration of ethylene glycol in the coolant by means of additional dilution with water.

Anticorrosion properties of heat transfer fluid are designed for 10 years of continuous operation, or 20 heating seasons. After this period, the coolant remains low-freezing-point liquid, but may lose or weaken its anticorrosion properties. To restore the anticorrosion properties in heat transfer fluid you should add anti-corrosion additives, or fill a new heat transfer fluid «THERMAGENT-65 ».

Technical specifications

Specs Typical Values
Density 1063


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