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Valvoline All-Fleet PlusTM Engine Oil 10W-30

Engine oil

Basic Identifiers

7602 Diesel engine oil mineral CJ-4/SM 10W30


ValvolineTM All-Fleet PlusTM Engine Oils are formulated to provide optimum performance in modern, emissions treatment equipped diesel engines operating under a wide variety of service conditions, including engines with diesel particulate filters (DPF) and cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR). They are blended with premium basestocks and high quality additive chemistry to achieve the following benefits: high temperature piston deposit control, foam protection, soot dispersancy and oil-thickening control, oxidation inhibition, low temperature sludge protection, corrosion and rust inhibition, valve train wear protection and TBN retention. ValvolineTM All-Fleet PlusTM Engine Oils are recommended for use in turbocharged and naturally aspirated two and four cycle diesel engines. They may also be used in gasoline engines for the “mixed fleet” operator. These motor oils provide excellent performance in local stop and go routes, on-and off-highway, farm, construction, and mining applications. All Fleet Plus meets all the requirements for Tier IV engines and is backwards compatible with Tier III.


Criteria Value
cummins 20081,20078
mack EO-O PP-07
Volvo VDS-4

Technical specifications

Specs Typical Values
Density 870
Pour Point (in C) -33
TBN 10
Viscosity at 100C 11.9
Viscosity at 40C 80
Viscosity Index 143
ASTM D341 Viscosity Chart
ASTM D341 Logarithmic scale

ASTM D341 Viscosity Calculator

You may calculate the viscosity of the oil at various temperatures based on ASTM D341. This uses the two sets of calibration data that we already have in order to calculate the viscosity at any temperature. You may input multiple temperatures at once, seperated by comma.


Format Type File name Language File size
PDS all_fleet_plus.pdf English 39 KB
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