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Re: TIXO-SLIDE PRE 32 (industrial)

Now there is a data sheet.

Re: CARTER EP 100 (industrial)

Steve, I'm not sure what country you are from. If no TOTAL brand is sold in your area there are... read more >>

Re: CAPRANO ENERGY FE 15W-30 (marine)

Dear Mr. Hamad, If you have an offer for a product click on "I sell this" link on the right... read more >>

Re: AURELIA TI 4055 (marine)

Try to download the PDS file. The download page wasn't working. It seems to be fixed now.... read more >>

Re: AGRI UNIVERSAL 400 10W-40 (auto)

Krai, Just download the PDS in the Attachments section. If you are bothered that the two products named differently, that... read more >>

Re: CARTER SY 150 (industrial)

Dorothy. There is an MSDS that you can download. This should be good for Phoenix Fire Department too. It's non-dangerous,... read more >>

Re: MARFAK 00 (industrial)

Red top. I'm surprised to see it has such a high base oil viscosity (1,100). Total's COPAL OGL is the... read more >>

Re: PRESLIA 32 (industrial)

Rizwan, According to Total's Senior Technical Manager who I contacted regarding your question, since Preslia 32 is not for heat... read more >>

Re: RUBIA XT 15W-40 (auto)

RUBIA XT is generally not used for CAT engines. Instead look at RUBIA TIR 6400 and RUBIA TIR 7400, both... read more >>

Re: SERIOLA ETA 32 (industrial)

Ed, If you cannot find it in the US try looking for Gulf Therm 32.... read more >>

Re: Degol GS 680 (industrial)

Hi Julie, Aral products MSDS/PDS are tough to get. Sorry. If you get them please share :)... read more >>

Re: Degol GS 680 (industrial)

Julie, You can download them at the Attachments section of this very screen. read more >>

Re: MOBILUX EP 023 (industrial)

Bri, Please find the PDS attached....

Re: CI-4 Diesel Engine Oil 10W-40 (auto)

another test

Re: SIGMA FLUID S-570 (industrial)

Look in the list to the left for possible alternates read more >>

Re: ROTO INJECT FLUID (industrial)

You can see suggestive alternatives to right of the page under "alternate products" section. Or using the advanced search functionality... read more >>

Re: LACTUCA LT2 (metalworking)

Naveed, I just tried it. and it's working for me. I can send you the copy by e-mail.... read more >>

Re: CERAN HV (industrial)

Not, it does not. According to the database Total's the only bentonite grease is: . read more >>

Re: SERVOMESH SP 460 (industrial)

I just uploaded a technical data sheet for the product. Please refer to the document for details. read more >>

Re: Castrol Magnatec Hybrid 0W-20 (auto)

Thank you Wanjin, I fixed it.

Re: HYDRANSAFE HFDU 46 (industrial)

Actually, all pds/msds are free. i need to require the login otherwise all kinds of bots would use up my... read more >>

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